In an age where goods are made cheaply and designed to be replaced, we design our products to be lifelong investments. We source only the highest quality full-grain Colombian leather, YKK & EKA branded zippers, use our one-of-a-kind and waterproof Mapa Mundi lining, high strength stitching, hand poured, sand cast brass hardware and the best artisans available to create lifelong heirlooms and back them with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee against any and all manufacturing defects. Each hide is carefully inspected, each material tested and each item is designed and manufactured with you in mind. We promised ourselves 50 years ago we wouldn't cut corners and today that's a promise we continue to uphold. Our loyal customers have come to expect beautifully crafted leather products that last, and we continue to stand behind each and every product produced and sold around the world.


Our guarantees apply to product materials and workmanship under responsible use and do not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage of your item. Your LAND Leather good is made out of 100% authentic full and top grain leather. It is a natural, durable, and flexible material that has been used for thousands of years due to it's longevity and strength. You can expect some natural and unique characteristics such as natural markings, creases, variations in color, and/or small scars. These are not considered manufacturing defects and we feel as these unique characteristics only help in telling the story of your beautiful leather good. If the product you purchased for some reason doesn't live up to our promise of high quality craftsmanship, please contact us.

Should you have a warranty-related claim, please register your item, fill out our repair form and send us your damaged product. You pay for shipping to our U.S. office and we'll handle the shipping back to you within the United States. 

*For quality control reasons, our leather goods are repaired by the same artisans that produce them at our factories in Colombia. We have made great strides in lowering our repair times but the logistical aspect does still play a role. Please allow us 6-8 weeks to repair your leather good.

Should your item fall outside of our guarantee terms, we are more than happy to repair your LAND Leather good with fixed costs starting at $40.

Each repair includes a complimentary cleaning & conditioning. Please contact us at +1 (305) 594-2260 or at for more information on our limited lifetime guarantee.

Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Our Limited Lifetime Guarantee covers defects in materials (leather and all metal hardware) and workmanship. Approved warranty claims are repaired or replaced at no charge minus applicable shipping charges.

Exclusions include all shoes, hats, jewelry, home & office goods and phone cases.

Limited 1 Year Guarantee

Our Limited 1 Year Guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship in all footwear and trolley/wheel systems.

Exclusions and Limitations

Any claims associated with the below list are not considered manufacturing defects and are therefore not covered by our guarantee. A fee may be incurred for repair work.

Wear and tear from normal daily use such as:

  • Worn corners and edges
  • Softening of the leather
  • Natural wrinkles
  • Natural and expected fading or darkening of materials
  • Stains or spills
  • Improper conditioning, oiling and cleaning
  • Stretching from wear/use
  • Damage from continued friction and rubbing
  • Linings and zippers that are ripped or worn from normal daily use
  • Abuse, misuse, neglect or accidental damage such as:
  • Damaged locks from incorrect use or tampering
  • Airline or third-party damage and mishandling
  • Loss, theft or intentional damage
  • Gashes, rips, scratches or tears
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Third party alterations or repairs
  • Mother Nature event damage from: 
  • Animal
  • Fire
  • Weather

Please see more below:

  • Product registration is required for all warranty and non-warranty work.
  • Claims are reviewed and assessed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to applicable conditions and exclusions. 
  • Customer is responsible for shipping costs to our Miami offices for any repair work; warranty approved or not. Outside of the United States, the customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from our Miami offices.
  • When shipping, please use a trackable carrier and request an insurance policy equal to the value of your leather good.
  • LAND Leather Goods is not responsible for missing packages or COD.
  • The customer will be made aware of any costs associated with repairing their item and will be billed before work is begun.
  • Depending on the nature of the repair, we reserve the right to send the customer a "Do It At Home" repair kit to be fixed by them. Instructions will be provided.
  • Delivery will be refused on packages received without approval.
  • Please note that we have the right to refuse and return dirty or soiled items that might pose a health risk to our team. Any item being sent in for work must be cleaned out as we are not responsible for any missing or misplaced personal belongings.
  • Should your item be unable to be repaired, replacement merchandise will be given in exchange at equal or lesser value of original items.
  • Any and all warranty work must be completed by LAND Leather. Any third party repair work voids our Limited Lifetime Guarantee.
  • By purchasing products from LAND Leather Goods you agree to the terms of our Limited Lifetime Guarantee. LAND Leather Goods reserves to right to alter, edit or cancel our Guarantee without notice. 
Your Responsibility

Due to the nature of leather products, our Limited Lifetime Guarantee does not cover wear and tear from normal daily use. We can guarantee that if well maintained and cared for, the core of your LAND Leather good will survive your many journeys and daily adventures and will make a great gift to pass onto the next generation.

Your leather product should never be washed in a washing machine as this can cause permanent damage to the leather. Do not use any harsh cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine and other mineral spirits. Store your LAND Leather goods in a clean, cool and humid free area. Always keep your leather items out of direct sunlight as this can cause leather to dry out and fade. Should your leather ever get wet, quickly blot and absorb as much water as possible and let air dry. 

It's crucial to keep your LAND Leather good well maintained and moisturized. Doing so will only help your favorite LAND item last you a lifetime and preserve its beauty. If you live in a dryer climate please make sure to condition and moisturize your LAND Leather good as soon as you start to feel it is getting dry. Our leathers are vegetable tanned and should feel smooth and oily when properly maintained. Just as the skin on your body, it will dry out if not properly conditioned and taken care of. We recommend our LAND Leather Cleaner and Conditioner which you can purchase here.

To learn more about how to care for your leather goods please visit our product care page.


I need my item repaired. Where do I start?

First, please read through our terms and conditions to make sure you understand our Limited Lifetime Guarantee. After that you can register your item and then fill out a repair form. We'll then contact you from there to set up receiving your item or letting you know more about your repair inquiry.

Do you cover shipping to your offices for repairs?

We do not. Due to the nature of our items being owned around the globe, at this time we cannot offer prepaid labels to get us your item. We suggest using a trusted courier service with tracking and insuring the item for the purchase amount.

How long do repairs take?

We repair all our items at our factories in Colombia to ensure the same care and quality that was put into manufacturing is put into it's repair. Due to this, you can expect a 6-8 week turn around time but we do make every effort to return the item before that time frame.


Looking to have your item clean and conditioned but don't want to do it yourself? We'll handle it for you and make it simple.