We have a true passion for the small details and a focus on premium craftsmanship and customer support. Designed and crafted to be cherished each day and get better each year, every single one of our leather goods are beautifully handcrafted to the highest standards we've set forth.


The majority of our hides are full-grain, vegetable tanned leather sourced from the Andes Mountains of Colombia where the climate and altitude can give our hides a "feel" you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Because of this, our leathers are thicker and contain less insect bites than other natural leathers. While we do still use some top-grain, chrome tanned leathers, we are committed to shifting our focus to 100% vegetable tanned leathers. Full-grain leather improves with age and develops a beautiful patina over time and with each use; with of course the proper care. Labeled "Little Italy" in the 1990's, Colombia has a rich tradition of high quality leather goods and hides. Colombian leather is widely known and used for its premium quality, wonderful colors and stunning feel at a very reasonable price when compared to Italian, Spanish or French.

We are strongly committed to only using hides that are a by-product of the cattle industry. This means no animal is killed solely for its hide. The raw hides used by our tanneries are the by-products that have been discarded from the food industry in production of meat for human consumption. Our hides are all individually inspected prior to cutting and we have committed ourselves to keeping a watchful eye on the excess waste of each hide. We get the most out of each hide by using scrap leather pieces to make smaller leather goods. This aides us in our commitment of reducing waste on every level.

For almost 50 years we've believed leather hides are meant to be appreciated in their most natural way, which is why we keep our leathers with the beautiful natural defects they might come with; each one we believe with it's own unique story. Some hides come to us with natural scratches from the animal brushing up against a fence or might sport some insect bites. Our belief is this only enhances the natural look of your beautiful leather good and adds to the stories of your LAND item.


The majority of our solid brass hardware is crafted in our very own foundry. Staying true to our efforts of sustainability and a strong belief that no materials should go to waste; these solid brass pieces begin their life as recycled and spare metals. After being melted in a high heat furnace, our artisans hand-pour the melted metal into molds casted out of sand. Once the cooling period is over, the new hardware will make it's way to the finishing station where the rough edges will be grinded away and our artisans will hand polish the new pieces until they shine. The process is lengthy, dirty and extremely hard but we thoroughly believe in the added value it gives our leather goods. The finished product? Hardware and buckles that will last until the end of time.


Water proof. Tear proof. Life proof.

There is no secret that our Mapa Mundi lining is a signature feature of our leather goods. Designed with a classic Old World map theme, this lining is unique to us, durable and light weight. It features tear proof and water proof qualities that make it a one of a kind lining. Coffee spill in your backpack? Make up mess in your handbag? Our waterproof lining makes clean ups a breeze. We believe the outside and inside of your leather goods should both be conversation starters.


All of our items use high tensile strength stitching to guarantee that your leather good will stand up to all of your adventures together. The specific thread we use is durable, strong and allows our professional artisans to hand assemble each leather good; in some cases assisted by high speed sewing machines. Our skilled artisans take tremendous care in the quality of their sewing and you will find our signature "X" sewing design on many of our items that acts to reinforce handles and straps against tearing.